The Danger of Bullying Against Children

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The Danger of Bullying Against Children

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Hearing the word bullying must be familiar to our ears, right?

Bullying itself, we often encounter or occur in students (schools), especially in children or adolescents today.

What Exactly is Bullying?

Referring to the KBBI itself or the Big Indonesian Dictionary, the meaning of the word Bully is Bullying while Bullying is Bullying.

So we can explain or conclude that Bullying is a negative behavior/an act of bullying or oppression/intentional violence against someone that is done unilaterally or by a group of people continuously or repeatedly.

Basically, people who are bullied will be treated inhumanely, either in the form of physical violence or mental violence/hurt feelings, namely; those who are bullied will receive beatings, encouragement, and other physical violence, and will receive unkind words such as; insults, insults, and other violence that hurt the feelings of the bullied person.

Sometimes it's done by the perpetrator in the form of an ordinary joke or other things, it's just that they are too excessive and don't think about what will happen to the person being bullied.

Dangers Of Bullying

Usually someone who is a victim of bullying can be seen from his daily life or activities that have changed drastically or the level of decline in him.

From the treatment he receives, he will experience problems with a declining level of health, both physically and mentally, namely;

• The high level of fear or anxiety in yourself that leads to things out of control (Depression). • The emergence of stress due to the inner pressure that is felt on the problems faced cannot be overcome and is at risk of damage because they will prefer to hurt themselves.

• The emergence of an intention to take revenge. Usually when you can't stand the treatment you get, bad intentions appear (revenge).

• The emergence of suicidal intentions. Basically, this intention arises when the victim of bullying is no longer able to control himself and cannot stand the problems he faces, so his last choice at that time was to take his own life.

• And other unwanted things.

Judging from the impact of bullying above, it's very worrying, make friends naturally, joke appropriately, and do what's appropriate, don't overdo it, let alone not just because your actions can take someone's life.

For the bullies, don't be proud of your immoral treatment and don't create groups or gangs just to hurt someone, make it more useful, such as teaching and learning together instead of beating them together.

Think about it, if the person being bullied is you, then I don't know what will happen to you, is it still as strong as the person you bullied?

For victims of bullying you are a strong person, not because the treatment given to you makes you give up and hurt yourself, they do that to you because you are much better than them.

Motivated by one of the victims of bullying, Mr. Sudhamek Agoeng Waspodo Soenjoto, the founder of Garudafood:

"When I experience emotional pain, I continue to be emotional, I fight it with anger. But I turn anger, disappointment, humiliation into energy to prove that I am not what they imagined."

Therefore, stay steadfast, patient, and continue to think positively from the bitterness you feel, then make it a lesson that will bear sweet fruit in the future.
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  • The Danger of Bullying Against Children

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