What is Stock Reading Tape?  Here's the Explanation and The Rules of The Game

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Stock Reading Tape

Tape reading stocks can be one of the surefire techniques that traders choose when deciding to get involved in the stock world.  This is because now the stock market is increasingly in demand for those who want to earn big profits.

It is not surprising that there are various techniques used along with a series of efforts to minimize the risk of unwanted losses.  IDX as the supervisory authority strives for its functions and roles to work, especially when controlling and imposing penalties for those found to have violated the rules.

What is Stock Reading Tape, Let's Find Out !

Stock reading is an analytical technique that is absolutely owned by day traders or other terms intraday traders who want to get faster profits in the process of buying and selling shares on the same day.  This stock analysis technique is also considered as the art of reading the ups and downs of stocks in transactions that occur in the running trade or order book.

In fact, tape reading has been introduced for a long time, as outlined in books by Jesse Livermore.  These books review how to read stock movements using 2 methods, namely bid and offer shares.

Over time, there are many things that can be studied using the stock reading technique.  Starting from price movements in the bid offer, volume, order speed, running trades, trade done, and many more.  It is even easier for us to analyze transactions that have been or are in progress.

Rules for Using Share Tape Reading

It's the same when you monitor other stocks, in today's digital era, it's easy for us to do tape reading via Android or PC.  However, it would be better if the analysis of tape reading along with checking the graphs was done using a laptop only.

Using a PC or laptop will make it easier for you to see and monitor various changes that may occur in the bid and offer of the shares.  So, you will be more effective and efficient in analyzing, observing, and making comparisons of bids and offers not only with one stock but several stocks at once.

What Beginner Traders Should Look For Daily

Are you a beginner trader who wants to deepen your stock tape reading?  To read and understand the movement of a price and the characteristics of a stock, it takes experience and hours of observation of a trader.  The things that a trader needs to pay attention to when predicting the direction of stock movement through the monitor screen include:

1).  Bid-Offer by Stock

Bid-offers are the buying (bid) and selling (offer) prices.  From these two items you can analyze several things such as the array of arrangements, the details of each bid-offer, and the process of moving both.  This transfer process is closely related to how you buy at the selling price (offer) as well as how to dispose of or sell at a buy position (bid).

2).  Time and Trade Stock (Done)

The next thing you have to pay attention to when doing a stock tape reading is where the position of the bid/offer transaction has taken place at that price.  Pay attention to the stock transaction chart whether there are brokers who have accumulated or even distributed at that price.

3).  Running Trade

Running trade or live trade is a display of stock transactions that occur on the stock exchange.  Through this stock running trade tape reading, you can observe which events have taken place on the Indonesian stock market, be it lots, prices, or brokers selling and buying.

It is also easy for you to detect which stocks are actively traded and at what prices for these shares so that you can analyze the ups and downs of bid-offers when the shares are actively traded on the exchange.

4).  Net Buy-Sell by Stock

Global stock market movements tend to be in demand in the Indonesian stock market.  This causes when global stock market conditions rise, generally followed by the direction of the global stock market movement trend JCI.  Take the right decision by looking at the opportunity for stock price movements with the level of confidence of foreign and local investors in the stock.

Interested in using stock tape reading?  Make sure you have foresight when reading the daily stock movement bid-offers.
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  • What is Stock Reading Tape?  Here's the Explanation and The Rules of The Game

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